Fall 2023: songs and books 

Hello friends,

It's been a little over a year since my only child died. I've thrown myself into feeling, grieving, re-becoming, and creating. Actually, I'm not sure how true that sentence is. It's more like I've been thrown into…

I set a personal world record by writing 108 songs this last year. Felt like accidentally stepping in a new song every few days. Songwriting is much less laborious when you are co-writing with ghosts. Some of these songs were meant for my ears only; but some are for sharing. Recording begins soon. The first album, Cowboy, releases 2024. The second album, Emerald Empire, will release 2025. The third album, Buffalo Nickel, is still coming together. And there's a gospel record in the works too, called Her Hymnal.

I've completed the first draft a memoir called Mother Tongue and am editing that now. In January 2024, I begin a 6-month writing course to assist with completion my first novel, titled I Meant to Go to Memphis but First I Found Cocaine. Writing prose feels amazing after twenty years devoted to songs, where you have only 3 minutes to tell a whole story.  

I've had a few pieces accepted for publication recently, the latest a poem that'll be in print in Bluebird Mountain Magazine come fall 2024.

I'd hoped to tour this next summer behind Cowboy, but I'm still deep in writing mode and that feels more important right now. So it'll likely be 2025 before I'm on the road again. Sorry about that.

I'll write again when I have Cowboy-album news.

Thank you for your support. It means everything.


[Painting of my son, Mandolin Hooper, by PA Matthison.]



My Mandolin 

Sunday Sept 25 

Dear Sinead, 

My only child, my son, Mandolin Hooper, died a week ago today, on September 18th, 2022. He had been ill for a few weeks, though no one knew except his boss. He’d been at home alone, dying in bed from liver failure, still, as always, not wanting to be a burden to anyone. We’d been in regular contact, as always, but he’d cancelled our gig together on the 8th, saying he was under the weather. “You ok?” I’d texted. “Yup!” 

I’d gotten a call from a hospital on Thursday the 15th that he was there and beginning detox from alcohol. At that time, they’d said he had advanced cirrhosis and had a 30-60% chance of death within three months. I arrived Friday morning. 

By dawn on Sunday he was dead. 

So I had 39 hours beside my son as he lay heavily medicated and dying. Like his father, like me, he was a songwriter and musician, so of course I brought my guitar and we sang to him. Saturday afternoon, his dad and I played him the same John Lennon album we’d played for him right after he was born: Imagine. We both sang along, singing over the body of our child, thirty years later. After that album, I’d played every favorite song of his I could think of that felt appropriate: Willie singing Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain, Sinatra singing One For My Baby, Tom Waits singing Picture in a Frame. For three hours I was a desperate jukebox, needing to make sure he heard everything he wanted to hear, wanting, as all mothers of dying children do, to give him as much comfort as possible. 

His dad and step-mom left around midnight. And my husband left around 130am after I’d had a quick shower in the hospital bathroom. At that point, I was running on caffeine and adrenaline, with 7 hours total sleep the prior two night nights combined. But, as all mothers of dying children would, I refused to leave my son’s side. 

I thought of you a lot in those hospital hours, knowing your recent horrible loss, and trying to remind myself that, as sickening as it was to see my son slowly being poisoned to death, yellowing by the hour, at least I was there to touch him, to play music, to yell at nurses for more medication. As horrific as it was, I had to keep reminding myself that it was a blessing to be there and to be grateful for it. 

When your son died, I’d told my Mandolin about it and begged him not to make me suffer the same fate. He’d been struggling since 17, and every year it felt like I lost him a little bit more. He’d finally tried rehab at the end of 2019, a tremendous ray light of light, only to come out of inpatient to be greeted by a worldwide pandemic and the isolation of a rented room in a shithole above a bar in downtown Austin, two thousand miles away from me. He spent a year and a half in that room, drinking himself to death. After a short period of homelessness, he relented to my pleading to come home to visit for a while. I rejoiced when his Portland-bound plane took off, knowing he was aboard. 

I did not recognize him at the airport. 

A week after arrival, he entered detox, but didn’t want to do inpatient again – so he stayed with his grandparents for a month, and then landed in the spare room of a friend of his in Seattle. That friend died in May of an esophageal bleed, the result of long-term alcohol use. His widow had allowed Mandolin to continue living there. 

My son had come to visit me for a week in late July. He’d arrived with a small bag of groceries, including a bag a peanut M&M’s (my kryptonite), and a bottle of red wine he’d casually set on the kitchen counter. I’d figured he’d been drinking again – he was, after all, working as a bartender at a brewery. But later, when I’d gone upstairs to check on him, napping mid-day, I’d seen the giant bottle of vodka beside his suitcase. 

I quit drinking at 29. Restarted at 38. Quit again at 48, and have now been sober four and a half years. I know that relapse is part of the process. I get it. But it doesn’t make it any easier to see. Especially when it’s your own child. 

Now, as I prepared my sleeping area beside my son’s hospital bed, I thought maybe I’d better video his breathing. I’d been part of the bedside vigil during the five days of my grandmother’s death some years ago, and I knew from that experience that the down-regulation of breath happens in stages. So I video’d his breathing for about 30 seconds to capture the rhythm and depth, so I’d have something to compare it to later. When I hit record on my phone, I suddenly began singing, without thought, My Darling Child. 

It was a song I’d sung to Mandolin often as a wee child to help him get to sleep. And he’d sent the song to me just seven weeks ago, when my dog-love-of-my-life, Pappy, died. “Me little puppy.” I’d wept re-hearing that lyric then. “Oh Mando, it’s perfect.” I’d texted back. “That’s the song I’ll use for our Pappy’s memorial video.” 

I pushed “stop” on my phone video and said out loud, “Oh my gosh, Manny, you’re right! We didn’t listen to Sinead today!!! Let’s do that now.” 

So I pulled up the Universal Mother album, and pushed play on My Darling Child, and began to sing along. 

I’d been touching my son since I’d arrived. Wiping sweat from his brow, patting his head, pressing my nose into his hair like all mothers do. And because I’m a massage therapist, I was also doing joint mobilization, gently moving each of the joints of his extremities to keep them limber. For many hours, I’d been holding onto a little glimmer of hope, like all mothers must do, that he might get a miracle. But at some point Saturday afternoon, when his breathing down-regulated yet again, I reckoned with the fact that we were on a one-way train, a journey that would end with his death. Saturday afternoon, he’d stirred from his deep sleep to cough up blood and I’d lurched forward and grabbed the dead weight of him to sit him upright. The bleeding stopped but that moment scared the absolute fuck out of me. It was bad enough to watch my son slowly die from internal poisoning. Was I going to also have to watch him choke to death on his own blood?? Jesus god, please no. Please please please no. 

As the evening had worn on, as I was smoothing back his hair, something told me to stop doing that. Something told me that it was ok to touch him, but that my movement while touching was helping keep him in his body.   

And so it was, hours later, at 2am, when I stood beside him and pressed play and started singing My Darling Child over him, that I set my left hand gently on his left hand, and my right hand gently on his left shoulder. 

My darling child 
My darling baby 
My darling child 
You gave life to me 

My darling child 
My darling baby 
My darling child 
You came and saved me 

My eyes had been closed as I sang. But I opened them now and saw… his breathing was changing. Instead of the sharp reflexive inhales he’d had all day long, his breathing felt like gentle waves. I kept singing. 

My darling child 
My darling baby 
My darling child 
God gave you to me 

His breathing getting gentler and gentler. 

Me little ninja 
My little dancer 
Me little street fighter 
Me little chancer 

Me lovely boy 
Me lovely babby 
My pride and joy 
Me little puppy 

As the song ended, I reached one hand over to play my favorite Sinead song of all time. In This Heart. I pressed play and returned my right hand to his shoulder. And sang along with you over my son. 

In the heart lies for you 
A lark born only for you 
Who sings only to you 
My love, my love, my love 

His breathing, now easy gentle waves, started to slow. As I sang, I could see the breaths getting shallower and shallower. 

I am waiting for you 
For only to adore you 
My heart is for you 
My love, my love, my love 

This is my grief for you 
For only the loss of you 
The hurting of you 
My love, my love, my love 

His breathing was now so shallow I could not see it. Only the pulse of his neck told me he was still alive. I kept singing. 

There are rays on the weather 
Soon these tears will have cried 
All loneliness have died 
My love, my love, my love 

I will have you with me 
In my arms only 
For you are only 
My love, my love, my love 

The music stopped and, not wanting to move, I kept both my hands on him and started singing My Darling Child again, this time just my voice echoing over him in the hospital room. 

My darling child 
My darling baby 
My darling child 
You gave life to me 

My darling child 
My darling baby 
My darling child 
You came and saved me 

I could see the pulse on his neck getting gentler, gentler, gentler. 

My darling child 
My darling baby 
My darling child 
God gave you to me 

And then I could no longer see his pulse. And he changed color instantly. 

I reached down with my right hand and pressed the “nurse” button, returned my hand to his shoulder and kept singing. 

The nurse came and checked his heart. She whispered, “Still beating,” and gave a hand signal for me to keep singing. So I did. 

It took another half an hour for his heart, the biggest most beautiful heart I have ever known, to stop beating entirely.  

And all the while, I sang My Darling Child. 

At some point, some words came out of my mouth: 

Go into the sunlight, baby 

I will meet you there 

And I will feel you every day 

It’s been an honor to be your mother 

And we will always be together 

It’s ok to let this life go 

It’s time to let your heart go free 

I was just the vessel 

You were never mine to keep 

I kept singing. 

And when, at long last, his heart finally stopped, I stepped back from his bed. In what should have been the single most devastating moment of my life, I was instead overcome with nothing but love and gratitude and awe. And the deepest peace I’ve ever known. Utterly fucking magical, that in death, my son gave me the greatest gift I’ve ever been given. There was no struggle. There was no blood or choking or trauma. Just the same pure tender love of a mother and child, her singing to him sleep, an unbreakable bond, a togetherness known only to them, a room unto itself, a room that – as it turn out – is eternal. The single most magical, mystical, transcendent moment of my life. Absolute serenity. 

Of course, later, after some sleep, I awoke, and so too did my inner mama bear, howling and screaming – a feeling all mothers of dead children know well. 

The heart racked with pain. The grip on the throat. The blackness in the mind and stomach. The tungsten lungs. 

But I know that that pure peace is there somewhere. Is here somewhere. And I know Mandolin will help me find it again. 

But what I need to say now is: thank you, Sinead. 

While the broken mother in me wants to hug the broken mother in you, I hope you are making the journey toward finding some of the peace in which I know both our sons now dwell. If you ever question what your life is worth, and what value you have, and what good could these little songs you’ve made up possibly give to this word – I hope you will remember my Mandolin. You sang him to sleep as a child, and then later eased him to his death. For that, I am eternally indebted. 

With nothing but gratitude and love, 

And, in absentia, 
Mandolin Jacob Lennon Hooper (yes, named in part after your first boy)

New Website 

Pandemic anyone?

Been an age. My long-time web host went under when the pandemic hit, which was a convenient excuse for me to avoid the always curse-word-laden task of making a website. After a month of chipping away on it though, I finally hit launch. For the first time ever, you can buy my music directly from me. I've also included some other things: guitar-pick earrings, paintings, and shortly, my first book.

Thank you for supporting handspun music. 

Since my last news update here:

  • Did UK and Europe cd release tours. Lots of great reviews for Horses came in. Thanks to all those who came out the shows. Felt really good to see everyone.
  • Went to Rocky Mountain Song School for the first time and got to study under Pat Pattison (Berklee), a long-time dream of mine.
  • Moved to Vancouver WA (which I affectionately call Vantucky to distinguish it from the metropolis of Vanc Canada up north)
  • Bought a house the week the pandemic shut down began
  • Became suddenly unemployed
  • Did a ton of landscaping and gardening
  • Got married in my backyard
  • Took 200-hour & 300-hour yoga teacher trainings for 500-hr total. So I'm officially a yogi.
  • Got ordained with the Universal Life Church. 
  • Graduated from a year of massage school in Jan 2022, and became an LMT. (ZenStationMassage.com)
  • Got certifications in Reiki and Life Coaching.
  • Got certified as in Beekeeping, because we now have 7 hives.
  • Just hit print on my first book, Sunburst, a collection of creative nonfiction, flash fiction, and poetry. Will be posted in the Store in June.

So that gets you up to date. This spring I've been writing songs (have finished 3 I really like) and, now that SUNBURST is done, I'm resuming writing on a memoir I began in 2001. I'm taking a 3-month manuscript course this summer to help me with the work of finishing it. I aim to have it complete by September. At which point I'll spend the fall recording the new album, tentatively titled Speaking In Tongues.

For a bit more detail, here is the last newsletter:


Sign up here at the website to get that delivered to you whenever a new one comes out - just a few times a year usually.

Be well and kind,


PS: Happy 15-year anniversary to The Bootleggger's Daughter, released May 1, 2007. 

Archived News Entries 

2019 Album & Touring - March 7, 2019 

Hey there! 

Happy Townes Van Zandt's birthday, and thanks for stopping by. I'm at work finishing songs for my new album, Hush The Wild Horses. Now we just need to raise the last little bit before I get into the studio. 

To follow along in the writing and recording process, visit my songwriting blog here: 

To pre-order the new album or otherwise donate to the cause, go here: 

I Wish I Was In Austin, my lo-fi, entirely solo covers album, is done! Listen and download here: 

I'll be touring the UK all of July. Then the American West in August. Then I head over to the Netherlands in late Sept, with a week or two in the UK in Oct. 



New Albums & Tour - September 2, 2018 

Thanks for stopping by! After a 6-year hiatus from recording and touring, I'm back in the saddle. I'm happy to announce two new albums. One is a covers album of some of favorite songs by some of my favorite songwriters. It's called I Wish I Was In Austin and it comes out fall of 2018. The other is an album of new original songs. That's called Hush The Wild Horses, and that'll come out in 2019. For more info on the album of originals, please visit the New Album page:  


I'm also hitting the road again soon. See the tour dates page. 

And, since I've got you here, I want to say thanks a bunch for your support over the years. Means a lot to this girl who just wanted to be a country singer when she grew up. 

Hope to see ya soon! 

Your fan, 


Hush The Wild Horses: Pre-order & Fundraising - July 9, 2018 

Big news! After a 6-year recording hiatus, I'm back in the studio soon to make Hush The Wild Horses, an album of original music. For more info and to pre-order or donate to the cause, check out the new Album page here: 


Thanks in advance for your support cuz I can't do this without ya! 

Also - I want to get more US dates on the books for 2019. If you can host a house concert, email me. 



Muse - August 12, 2017 

"Muse" is a brand new, limited edition, homemade, solo, acoustic covers cd. Only 100 printed total. These are some of my favorite songs by some of my favorite artists. Hand-stamped and signed. 13 tracks in total. $15 usd, plus a bit extra for shipping depending on the country. Email me your address and I'll reply with Paypal info. Thx! rachel (at) skinnydennis (dot) com 


On The Road Again! - August 12, 2017 

Hi there, 

I'm just finishing my first tour in five years. I was invited by one of my favorite festivals to play this summer, in Scotland, and couldn't say no. That turned into two and half weeks of gigs in the UK. I gotta tell ya - it was awesome. I was scared to death to tour solo, and after all this time, and without a proper new album... Who's gonna remember me? Who's gonna come to the shows? Who's gonna care? 

The answer was clear. YOU. It's just crazy. After all this time, folks crawling out of the woodwork to come hear me play. So many of them have all my cds, just huge fans, and so happy to see me back. Folks saying how much they enjoyed the shows, hoping I'll come back soon, and asking when or if I'll ever have a new cd out. 

So. I have one show left on this tour, in London. But once I'm back home, I'm gonna circle the wagons and figure out how to get this pony show back in gear. These years I've taken this break, I've been playing guitar a bunch, and have two dozen songs that send tingles down my spine. Maybe they will yours too? We'll see... 

Thanks for hanging in there with me, and coming out to shows (rare as they have been), and for sending me little notes and well wishes. Taken to heart, my friend. Thank you. 

More news soon... 

Much love, 


Taking A Break - November 16, 2013 

Thanks for stopping by. Rachel is currently taking a break from recording and touring. Sign up on the mailing list if you'd like to be kept up to speed with any new plans as they develop. 


New album, US release! - June 11, 2012 

RH & The Knock Outs are recently back from a 5-week tour through Europe. 32 shows in 35 days, with 12 of the gigs sold-out and a feature on BBC2's legendary Bob Harris show.   

Rachel's 4th album, "Makin' Our House A Honkytonk," officially releases in the US on June 19, 2012.  Buy it here: http://cdbaby.com/cd/rachelharrington   Rachel will tour (as a duo) in the US behind the new album.  New live dates coming in each week - stay tuned. 


Maverick Magazine ~ 5/5 stars.  "As country as country gets!" 

Fatea Records ~ "Loretta Lynn? Move over and make way for your natural successor to take centre stage." 

Q Magazine ~ "Harrington makes Neko Case sound like Olivia Newton John" 

Lonesome Highway ~ "Powerhouse lead vocals ... her delivery is spot on making this a must have for lovers of that classic country sound, a sound that is fresh, alive and beating. One that could scare Country Radio right out of it's trainers." 

Electric Ghost ~ "1960's pre-countrypolitan Nashville ... the closest thing you'll hear to a new Loretta Lynn album since Loretta was a 29 year old grandmother" 

Country Music People Magazine ~ 4 stars: "A real cracker of an album!" 

American Roots Uk ~ 4 stars: "It is albums such as this that Gram Parsons was referring to when putting down ‘country rock,’ instead preferring the more coverall term ‘Cosmic American Music' ... he would have loved this superb recording!" 

Blabber n' Smoke ~ "diving straight in at the deep end ... Harrington has made a raunchy countryalbum that one could imagine the likes of Loretta Lynn might produce if she were 50 years younger." 

Rock and Reel ~ "Sharply observed songs with attitude to burn!" 

The Irish Times ~ 4 stars: "Remember that nice Rachel Harrington and her quiet, contemplative country music from the Oregon hills? Well, you should hear her now that she’s fallen in with the honkytonk crowd. What a mouth!" 

Mad Mackerel ~ "an album of pure, unbridled honky-tonk Country music. Sure there are some echoes of garage rock, some soul leanings and a smattering of Phil Spector-ish doo-wop, but at its heart this is pure Country and all the better for it." 

Pennyblack Music ~ "the boot-stompin' world of backwoods country, like [they used to do it] back before the big Nashville names sanded off all the edges." 

Whisperin and Hollerin ~ "live, sassy and colourful. High-octane, Burritos-style garage-roots"  


New album: European Tour - April 11, 2012 

The Knock Outs are just back from a non-stop 5-week tour through Europe to support Rachel's new album, "Makin' Our House A Honkytonk." The girls had a blast!  32 shows in 35 days, with 12 of the gigs sold-out and a feature on BBC2's legendary Bob Harris show.  Pics and tour journals at the Facebook pages: http://www.facebook.com/therlh and http://www.facebook.com/Left.Hooks 


Rachel Harrington & The Knock Outs - February 26, 2012 

Howdy Folks, 

Lots been evolving the past 9 months here.  Rachel put together an all-girl honkytonk band to tour in support of her new album.  The girls were busy recording this winter, and the new cd is releasing abroad on CRS in April.  We're working on getting the final funding together for US manufacturing and release.  If you'd like to help out by pre-ordering the album or becoming a Sponsor, visit the PITCH IN link above.  You can also preview the album and order it digitally at that link as well. 

The girls are headed out March 1 for five weeks on their first-ever tour together throughout Europe and the UK.  Stay tuned at Rachel's facebook site for tour photos, tour journal entries and daily updates as they travel.  Give us a "like" at: 


Thanks for your support! 


New Record Campaign Launch - May 16, 2011 

We're thrilled to report that Rachel was a winner in Merlefest's 2011 Chris Austin Songwriting Contest, placing her alongside prior winners like Gillian Welch and Tift Merritt.  Rachel spent a total of four days at the prestigious Merlefest, wandering around backstage awestruck, dumbstruck, and lovestruck, rubbing elbows with many of her heroes.  Lyle Lovett.  Randy Travis.  The 88-year-old legend that is Doc Watson.  In fact, Rachel came back so reinvigorated and inspired that she's eager to get back in saddle and make another new album this fall.  Please visit the Pitch In! tab for more information and details about how you can help.  

Thanks, y'all! 


April Update - April 19, 2011 

Lots to report! 

Rachel Harrington & The Do Right Boys (Evan Brubaker and Colby Sander) are just back from their first-ever European tour as a trio. Dates included several sell-out gigs and a good time was had by all. 

Rachel's new record, CELILO FALLS, is now in its 5th consecutive week in the Top-40 on the Americana chart in the US. It is currently #9 on the Roots chart, #16 on the Freeform chart, and #5 on the Folk chart - making it the 5th most-played album on folk radio in the US right now. 

This just out: a new music video for You'll Do (from Celilo Falls), featuring Supersuckers frontman and fellow Seattle-ite Eddie Spaghetti: http://youtu.be/aK2CPfXH3Sc 
And lastly, we recently got word that Rachel is one of 12 finalists in this year's Chris Austin Songwriting Contest, which means she's headed to play Merlefest at the end of April. Previous winners include Tift Merritt and Gillian Welch. 

The song that's been called out for the contest is on Celilo Falls, and is available as a single download here: 

He Started Building My Mansion In Heaven Today 



Feb Update too - February 22, 2011 

This just in - Celilo Falls is in the top-5 most-added new records to Americana radio in the US this week, along with new releases from Lucinda Williams and Drive-By Truckers. 


February Update - February 7, 2011 

The new record, Celilo Falls, is all packed up and shipping out today to over 600 radio and press contacts in the US. 

Rachel will be supporting Iris Dement for her two northwest shows next month: March 11 at the Aladdin Theater in Portland, Oregon, and March 12 at the Triple Door in Seattle, Washington. 

Stay tuned for Celilo Falls CD Release shows ... 


January Update - January 1, 2011 

We just heard that Rachel's new record, Celilo Falls, is getting 4 stars reviews in the February issues of both Mojo and Q magazines! 


November Update - November 14, 2010 

Howdy Folks, 

Thanks for stopping by. Rachel has just finished a big 3-month European tour, accompanied by Lindisfarne founder Rod Clements. Rachel and Rod covered about 8,500 miles in that time and played over 60 gigs, many of them sold-out, including appearances at the esteemed Summertyne Americana Festival and the Perth Southern Fried Festival. This was Rachel's 4th tour overseas. She's been touring there 3 months a year for the past three years, as one reporter put it: "the hardest working woman in Americana." Rachel's now taking some time off, gearing up for the early 2011 release of her newest record, Celilo Falls. Advance copies are available to purchase through CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/rachelh5 

Sign up on the monthly mailing list while you're here, so we can keep in touch and let you know when Rachel's back out on the road. http://www.skinnydennis.com/?section=home 

Thanks, and happy wintering! 


European Record Deal - October 24, 2010 

Rachel has just signed a deal with Rounder Europe/CRS for Celilo Falls. The new record will be in stores throughout mainland Europe beginning November 22, 2010. UK release is January 17, 2011 through Proper Distribution. 

The team is shopping for a deal in the US. Barring that, we'll release it ourselves on SkinnyDennis with distribution from Burnside in Jan/Feb 2011. 

Thank you so much for your support! 


#3 Euro Americana Chart - October 5, 2010 

Great news - Rachel's new record, Celilo Falls, just debuted at #3 on the Euro Americana Chart, behind Justin Townes Earle and Richard Thompson. Good company indeed! 


CELILO FALLS - August 31, 2010 

Howdy folks, 

Great news! My brand new record is almost out. It'll officially release Nov 8 in Europe and the UK, and February 1 in the US. Until then, you can download and/or pre-order it here: http://rachelharrington.bandcamp.com/ 
I hope you enjoy! 

Many thanks for your support, 


Rachel's New Record - May 1, 2010 


I am currently writing and recording my new record. You can follow along behind the scenes at rachelsnewrecord.tumblr.com 

And, you can help the new project by donating at http://www.skinnydennis.com/products.html 
Thank you so much for your support! 


Winter Newsletter - December 15, 2009 

Happy Holidays! 

I hope this note finds you and your family well. 

New news on my end: 

VOTE WITH ONE CLICK: I've been nominated for Best Overseas Artist in the Spiral Earth awards. With just one click, you can vote. I'd really appreciate your help if you can spread the word! http://www.spiralearth.co.uk/spirals2010/overseas.asp 
FAR WEST SHOWCASE: I was selected to perform an official showcase at this year's western regional division of the International Folk Alliance. That was in November (last month) in LA, California and was a lot of fun - even though I didn't stay down south long enough to use the hotel pool or get much sunshine. 

CELTIC CONNECTIONS: I am honored that I'll be playing a one-off performance on a triple bill ticket in one of the UK's largest music festivals, Celtic Connections, on January 30th, 2010. Also on the bill are Diana Jones and Karine Polwart. I will be playing as a trio, joined by Paul Elliott on fiddle and David Keenan on mandolin. Tickets are available here: http://www.celticconnections.com/whatson/event/90257-Grace,-Hewat-&-Polwart-&-Diana-Jones-&-Rachel-Harrington 

INTERNATIONAL FOLK ALLIANCE: After many years of applying, I have at last been invited to perform an official showcase at the 2010 International Folk Alliance conference in Memphis Tennessee this February. 

MARCH 2010 TOURING in the NORTHWEST: I'll be doing a co-bill tour will California based singer-songwriter Rita Hosking. I've been really enjoying her record and I think you might too. Look her up and tell her I sent you! http://ritahosking.com/ 

Thank you so very much for your support this year! All the touring and gigs, the live cd, and the cds before that. I couldn't be a full-time musician without you and I want to make sure you know how much that means to me. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 

All the best wishes to you this season and in the coming new year. May it be the best yet for us all! 

With love, 


July 2009: Lessons! E-book! EAR! - July 22, 2009 

I am finally back at home. 

This spring/summer of three straight months of touring was wonderful, incredible, taxing, miserable, lonely, exhilarating, exhausting, life-changing and blessed. Touring is always a carnival ride filled with amazing twists and turns that leave you just happy to be alive. I love it. 

This whole year, in fact, has been quite a ride. In the past twelve months, I headlined at some really big festivals: Bluewaters Bluegrass festival (WA), Naked Song Festival (Netherlands), Glasgow Americana Festival (Scotland), Southern Fried Festival (Scotland), Maverick Festival (England) ... Humbled and honored! 

And so ... I got back home a couple of weeks ago, did some serious r and r with my family, and now I am headed back to Seattle where I'll be mostly songwriting and recording and hibernating for the winter. 

In addition to a new record, I have a few other projects I'll be working on this coming year. I am writing an e-book for musicians about booking and promotion as an independent artist; That will be available by fall. I have started a radio and press mailing service for musicians, called EAR; You can read more about that at www.EmergingArtistResources.com. And I've decided to make my first foray into teaching guitar, voice, songwriting, and performing, giving private lessons from my home in West Seattle. If you'd like more information on any of the above, you can write me directly at rachel(at)skinnydennis(dot)com 

Thanks so much for listening and for buying the records and coming out to the gigs. Your support is what enables me to do what I love to do and for that, you have my eternal gratitude. 



June 09 Weather Report - June 6, 2009 

All things considered, life is grand. I am on tour throughout Europe for April, May and June, returning home in mid-July. Many radio shows, interviews, and plenty of wonderful gigs abound. I really feel blessed right now. You can stay up to date and get behind the scenes at the Travelogue at rachelsrambles.tumblr.com Thanks so much to all the folks who are coming out to the shows and helping spread the word - it's working and it's so great! Thank you!! More tour photos to come soon. And a new cd is brewing underneath. I'll hope to be recording soon.  I am really looking forward to hearing what will come next, and which direction it will go. Thank you for taking the ride with me. All the best, Rachel 


March 09 Updates - March 23, 2009 

We're in full swing here getting ready to head out for three straight months of overseas touring through England, Scotland, Ireland, The Netherlands, and Belgium. 

Next month, Rachel releases a barebones live record called In The Woods ... more on that soon. 


December Updates - December 20, 2008 

Check out the REVIEWS page for new reviews from: 

Utne Reader 
Sound NW magazine 
Performing Songwriter 
Penny Black Music 
Village Records 
VH1/Barnes & Noble 
Wear the Trousers 
and others ... 

The new cd, City of Refuge, is now available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and iTunes, among others. 

Happy holidays from the RH crew! 


October News - October 8, 2008 

Rachel's sophomore record, City of Refuge, continues to get regular airplay at Starbucks stores throughout the US. The disc is #29 on the September Folk Album Chart, between Crooked Still and Emmylou Harris, and is now in its 4th straight month on the Euro-Americana Chart. Thank you, DJs! 

SkinnyDennis Records has just entered into deals with Burnside and Proper for distribution in the US and UK respectively. Soon, you'll be able to pick up a copy of City of Refuge in a store near you. 

CD Release parties in the northwest US are coming soon - have a look at the SHOWS link - we'd love to have you there! 


City of Refuge charting updates ! - September 17, 2008 

Currently at #11 on the Roots Music Report Chart, #66 on the Americana Music Association Chart, #25 on the Folk DJ Chart, #25 on the Freeform American Roots Chart and #7 on the Euro-Americana Chart. 



City of Refuge updates - September 3, 2008 

Q, the UKs largest music magazine, gvies City of Refuge FOUR STARS! "Gothic tracks on an inspiringly original album ... Q recommends!" 

The Irish Times gives City of Refuge FOUR STARS: "Rachel Harrington's The Bootlegger's Daughter was one of the more impressive albums of 2007 and certainly among the best debuts; City of Refuge moves the Oregon-bred singer-songwriter to a new level." 

City of Refuge is currently #25 on the RMR Chart, #87 on the AMA Chart, and still hanging on strong at #7 on the Euro-Americana Chart, three months after its debut there at #2! Many thanks to all those DJs, both at home and abroad!! 


City of Refuge Charting - August 27, 2008 

The brand new album, City of Refuge, just released to US radio and is at #105 on the AMA chart. We'll see how far she climbs ... 

The record went all the way to #2 on the Euro-Americana Chart, and is now #4 on the national chart in The Netherlands: 

Americana & Roots 
based on sales and airplay 
September 2008 

1 All I Intended To Be 
Emmylou Harris (Nonesuch) 

2 I, Flathead 
Ry Cooder (Nonesuch) 

3 Harps and Angels 
Randy Newman (Nonesuch) 

4 City of Refuge 
Rachel Harrington (Skinny Dennis) 


Music Video & New CD Available - August 15, 2008 

Autographed copies of Rachel's forthcoming record, City of Refuge are now available for pre-order. Please see www.rachelharrington.net/products.hmtl 
And at last, the music video for Summer's Gone, a song off Rachel's debut cd, The Bootlegger's Daughter, is now available to view. Please go to the homepage here at the website and scroll down a bit. 

And photos from the big 2008 European Tour are finally up - see the slide show on the homepage. 

Our sincere thanks for your support! 


End of the '08 Euro Tour - July 28, 2008 

This week we finish up the two and half months of overseas touring, with a grand finale at the Perth Americana Festival with Allen Toussaint, The Wilders, and Nanci Griffith. 

Tracks from the soon to be released City of Refuge will soon be playing at a Starbucks store near you. 

Also stay tuned to the website for forthcoming reviews. 

The new cd, City of Refuge, officially releases August 18 in the UK and September 30 in the US. 

Rock and roll for life! 


CITY of REFUGE debuts at # 2 the Euro-Americana Chart !! - July 2, 2008 

City of Refuge debuts this month at # 2 on the Euro-Americana Chart, and UK radio is getting the cd as we type. 

Overseas touring is going very well and plans already underway for a return trip in April/May 2009. 


June Update - June 13, 2008 

A quick note from Torquay, England. Have fully adjusted to life on the road and having a terrific time. Looking forward to all the new folks we'll meet as well as the familiar faces. 

Three sold-out shows so far and the weather couldn't be nicer. 

City of Refuge is being mailed out to donors this week and will be available in the UK in another week or two ... hope you enjoy. 

take care, and hope to see you soon, 


City of Refuge Patrons - May 4, 2008 

My sincere thanks to the following folks who donated to the new cd, City of Refuge. Your help is very needed and most appreciated!!!!!! 

Executive Producers: 
Sandra & Wayne Anderson 
David Prescott 

City of Refuge Patrons: 
Steven Cray 
Marie Dodds 
Colin Green 
Simon Holderness 
Mary Lisbeth D'amico 
Kelly Rydlund 
Dave Thorpe 
David Rodgers 
Douglas Alvarez 
Tony Hickman 
Joseph Tonner 
Adele Edwards 
David Barlow 
Robert Bracewell 
John Schnabel 
Michael Barrett 
Heidi Herman 
Michelle Harrington 
John Stevenson 
Craig Steward 
Ryan & (the other) Rachel Harrington 
Dan Pickard & Beth Young 
Ted Polkinghorn 
Richard Leach 
Steve Whiting 
Frazer Gillies 
Fergus Gillies 
James Davies-Shuck 
Kim Mericle 
Gary Folkman 
Stephen Schneider 
Gayle Parsons 
Brad Creel 
Gary Benny 
Apollo Zogas 
Andrew Hardy 
Chris 'the hat' Thomas 
Mike & Jan Hollen @ Hill Country West 
Eric Brodeur 
Jacob Orfman 
Mike Swanberg 
Pete Colton 
Les Bright 
Brian Cousins 
Liam Greenbank 
Emerson Heald 
Karen Kiley 
Keith Belcher 
Tom Enlow 
Jon Bruce 
Gary Rejsek 
Richard Parkinson 
Cathy Morgan 
Christina Villiott 
Kathryn "Lexi" Kamcheff 
Nicole & Matt Brown 
Hans York 
Don Lorimer 
Markus Rill 
Alex Farrell 
Donald Macdonald 
Toby Wood 
Craig Redfern 
Dietmar Leibecke 

THANK YOU so very much for your support!! 



City of Refuge Update: 4/26/08 - April 26, 2008 

Jon Hamar on bass, Mike Grigoni on dobro and pedal steel, Zak Borden 
on mandolin - all their parts are done. 

And as of last week, we now have Tim O'Brien's fabulous fiddle laid 
down on five tracks, as well as him singing back-ups on a couple of 

Tim's work led to us connecting with an engineer in Nashville, David 
"Fergie" Ferguson. Fergie has done a lot of wonderful work, including 
engineering and mixing two of the Johnny Cash American Recordings cds 
with Rick Rubin. As it so happens, Fergie has time in his schedule 
and was interested in mixing City of Refuge - so he's gonna do that 
May 6 & 7. Then the cd goes to Boulder Colorado, where it'll be 
mastered by David Glasser on May 12 (David's work includes over 50 
grammy nominated projects). 

So it's looking like we'll get the cd back from manufacturing at the 
end of May or early June. 

I'm in the studio tomorrow, finishing up vocals. And Monday and 
Tuesday, Zak, with my very good friend Holly O'Reilly, will be in the 
studio to do back-up vocals. 

And then, at that point, on one hand my work is done. And on 
another, it just begins. 

At any rate, that's the update from Lake Wobegone. 



TIM O'BRIEN! - March 25, 2008 

Tim O'Brien has just been confirmed as a guest musician on the forthcoming cd. He'll be featured on five tracks on City of Refuge! We're tickled pink! 

Newsletter Sign Up! - February 28, 2008 

Sign up for the Monthly Newsletter so we can let you know when we'll be touring near you! 


February Update - February 14, 2008 

Rachel & Zak will be IN THE STUDIO in April to work on Rachel's follow-up album to The Bootlegger's Daughter. The new disc will be titled City of Refuge, and you can pre-order it right now here at the website! 
Thank YOU for your support!! 

New reviews in from Uncut, The Sun, Rock n Reel, and others .. 

Rachel & Zak's second european tour is growing by leaps and bounds. They'll be on the road in May, June, July, and August. Have a look at all the newest dates and keep checkin' back - we've got more coming in every day ... festivals include bill-shares with The Greencards, The Infamous Stringdusters, Rachel Unthank, Martha Scanlan, Martin Simpson, The Wailin' Jennys, and a whole lot more! 

Take care, y'all, 
~Skinny D 


December Update - December 1, 2007 

Four star review for The Bootlegger's Daughter in The Irish Times. 

Rachel & Zak are now booked to play 2008 festivals with The Greencards, Martha Scanlan, The Infamous Stringdusters, Del McCoury, Dan Tyminski, Marty Stuart, and many others excellent artists. 

New European dates being added - stay tuned .... 


November Update - November 1, 2007 

Zak Borden & I are just back from my first-ever European tour, and it was a BLAST! Read the travelogue and see the pictures at MySpace: myspace.com/rachelharrington 

Had such a great time, we're headed back in June. 

And this just in: a FOUR STAR review from MOJO, to be published in their December issue. Thank you, Sylvie! 

Happy holidays to you and yours! xo, r 


August Update too - August 12, 2007 

Next week a song from The Bootlegger's Daughter will be featured as song of day on NPR's All Songs Considered's Open Mic. 

Also next week, a live in-studio session with Tom May on River City Folk will air nationally in the US. 

In the UK, Smart Choice Music has picked up The Bootlegger's Daughter for physical distribution. Expect to see the record in stores there soon. 


August Update - August 2, 2007 

A new interview with Rachel has been posted here at The 9513: 
www.the9513.com/tags/interview Thanks, Brady! 

Rachel also got a nice little article for her recent gig in Yachats, Oregon 
http://www.newportnewstimes.com/articles/2007/07/13/arts/arts08.txt We love small towns! 

The July/August issue of Performing Songwriter has a wonderful review of Rachel's new cd. You can read it here: http://www.performingsongwriter.com/pages/music/index.cfm 
And this is new to the web. It's Bob Harris's monthly article in Maverick magazine, the UK's biggest country music magazine: www.bobharris.org/rumour/maverick10.htm 
Also in our "Bootlegger's Daughter" google search today we found Rachel's name and cd on a website called HotVideoGirls, but we're pretty sure that's bogus. 

Take it easy! And enjoy the sunshine! 



July Update - July 16, 2007 

Review for The Bootlegger's Daughter just published in July/August of Performing Songwriter: "Rachel's voice has just the right combination of temerity and twang." Top 12 DIY Picks! 

Rachel and Zak just recorded a session with Tom May for his nationally syndicated radio program River City Folk. Thanks, Tom!! You can see Tom's own music work here: www.tommayfolk.com His session with Rachel and Zak will be broadcast beginning August 20th on these fine stations: 

XM Satellite Radio 
Channel 15-the Village 
“River City Folk” airs 4 times weekly 
XM Radio is heard nationally by an estimated 8.5 million subscribers. 

June Update too - June 4, 2007 

The Bootlegger's Daughter just hit #36 on the Americana Music Association's radio chart. Thank you, DJs!!!! 
xo, r 


June 1 update - June 1, 2007 

This just in: 

Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists 
Based on 12647 airplays from 138 different DJs 

1. Bob Dylan 
2. Uncle Earl 
3. Richard Shindell 
4. Joel Mabus 
5. Jimmy Lafave 
6. Lucy Kaplansky 
7. Laura Love 
8. Pete Seeger 
9. Devon Sproule 
10. Susan Werner 
11. Alison Krauss 
12. Crooked Still 
13. Work O' The Weavers 
14. John McCutcheon 
15. John Gorka 
16. Richard Thompson 
17. Mary Chapin Carpenter 
18. Anais Mitchell 
19. Fairport Convention 
20. Jud Caswell 
21. David Bromberg 
22. The Duhks 
23. Scott And Michelle Dalziel 
24. Greg Brown 
25. Rani Arbo And Daisy Mayhem 
26. Nanci Griffith 
27. Neil Young 
28. Rachel Harrington 
29. Buddy Mondlock 
30. Iris DeMent 


May Update three - May 15, 2007 

Came in at # 43 on the AMA chart this week. 

Planning west coast tour for late June and a UK tour for October! 


May Update too - May 9, 2007 

# 50 and still climbing on the AMA Chart. 

Reviews forthcoming in Maverick, Performing Songwriter, and Crossroads. 

The Seattle CD Release party KICKED ASS! We had a blast!! : ))) 


May Update - May 1, 2007 

#55 and still climbing on the AMA chart. And The Bootlegger's Daughter was in the Top Five sellers on Miles of Music last week! 

Thanks so much to all the DJs and MDs!! 


April Update - April 14, 2007 

We're #115 and climbing now on the AMA chart. And The Bootlegger's Daughter was among the top 5 most added records on AMA radio this week! 

Also a shining review in from the nice folks at Miles of Music. Not only is it a cracker (thank you, Jeff!), the cd is featured on the MoM homepage. 


April Update - April 4, 2007 

This month's Euro-Americana Chart: 

Rachel Harrington 
The Bootlegger's Daughter 

Patty Griffin 
Children Running Through 

Hayward Williams 
Another Sailor's Dream 

Uncle Earl 
Waterloo, Tennessee 

Lucinda Williams 
Lost Highway 

Our sincere thanks to all of the Euro-Americana DJs who helped push! You know who you are ~ xo 


March Update - March 30, 2007 

Great new review from Home of Rock - thanks Frank! 

The Bootlegger's Daughter has entered the Americana Music Association Chart due to a few early plays on US radio. Thanks in part to: 
Troy Tyree @ WOMP, I=in Mass. 
Drew Dundon @ KMTT, Seattle 
Roy Kasten @ KDHX, St. Louis 
Don Slack @ KEXP, Seattle 
Joe Ed Dick @ KFJC in Cali 
Tom Funk @ KGLP, Gallup, NM 
Bob Weiser @ WBRS, Waltham, MA 
Arthur Dean @ WCNI, New London, CT 
Kevin Elliott @ WEFT, Champaign 
Anton Peters @ WFDU, Teaneck, NJ 
Ed Lehmann @ WMNF, Tampa, FL 
Mel DeYoung @ WPSU, University Park, PA 
Taylor Caffery @ WRKF, Baton Rouge, LA 
Michael Alzo @ WSLU, Canton, NY 
Ed McKeon @ WWUH, Hartford, CT 


March Update - March 22, 2007 

The Bootlegger's Daughter just debuted at #15 on the Freeform American Roots Chart. 

Live in-studios scheduled for April/May at KMTT, KBCS, and others ... 

Great review from Americana UK came in this week as well... 


March Update - March 6, 2007 

The Bootlegger's Daughter just debuted at #3 on the Euro-Americana Chart. And Bob Harris of BBC radio has taken a special liking to it: www.bobharris.org Thanks, Bob! 

Currently getting airplay in England, Ireland, Scotland, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, and Germany, with an in-print review forthcoming in Maverick. Also airplay on KMTT, The Mountain, in Seattle. 

CD will be added to US radio April 9th. Jenni Finlay Promotions is working her magic : ) www.jennifinlaypromotions.com Keep your ears peeled! 

Rachel and Zak opened three shows for Todd Snider in late Feb/early March at the Aladdin Theater in Portland and at the Tractor Tavern in Seattle. Great crowds, and folks were excited to pick up advance copies of Rachel's new cd! 


February Update - February 14, 2007 

Oh thank the good lord, the cd is finally here! And pre-orders have been mailed out. Now for press and radio ... Official release date is May 1, 2007. CD RELEASE in SEATTLE is May 5, at the Tractor Tavern, early show at 6:30pm with Amelia White opening! C'mon down and help us celebrate!!! 


January Update - January 1, 2007 

Rachel just got booked to open two Todd Snider shows in Seattle and one in Portland in late February! 

Her debut cd is at the manufacturer's and pre-orders will be mailed out mid-February. More news on the cd soon .... 


October Update - October 10, 2006 

Mastering the new cd this month. Pre-order copies wil be sent out before too long and we're looking at an official release date in early 2007. 

Rachel opened for Fred Eaglesmith to a packed house at the Tractor Tavern on October 7th. Fred gave Rachel and her boys huge kudos for their version of Ode to Billy Joe, the Bobby Gentry classic! 


September Update - September 1, 2006 

Opening for Fred Eaglesmith October 7 at the Tractor Tavern! 

August Update - August 1, 2006 

Mixing the new cd this month ... 


June Update - June 27, 2006 

Rachel has been selected to perform an official showcase at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in July. Performers at this year's festival include: Shawn Colvin, John Gorka, Tracy Grammer, Winterpills and many others! 


Guy Clark shows - May 9, 2006 

I just couldn't be happier about how the two Guy Clark opening slots went and about the very warm reception we got from the crowds at both shows. It was the best! Having the opportunity to hang out with Guy backstage and get all his advice about my upcoming cd, what to do, what not to do; hear his Townes stories and about how he makes guitars ... Well, it was enough to make a girl misty when he left, walking down the stairs from the dressing room, tilting his hat with a little nod as he said "Goodbye Rach." Quite a ride to remember! : ) 


Live Radio Performances - April 26, 2006 

Much thanks to KUOW and KBCS for hosting us live on air! KUOW is archived      here, and KBCS will be posted soon. 


Songwriter award - April 1, 2006 

Rachel just got an honorable mention in the WCS International Song Contest. 


February 25, 2006 

note to self: met guy clark today : ) 


Feb/March Update - February 23, 2006 

All goes well in the studio. Most of the tracks are laid down. 

Thanks to the many folks who've pre-ordered and donated - a huge help!! If you haven't yet, there's still time to and it's very much appreciated! 

Did you notice that I'll be opening for Guy Clark here pretty soon. Y'all better come out for that one - if just to see the smile on face : ) 



Studio update - January 2, 2006 

Danny Barnes just laid down the most kick-ass banjo part for my song, Blow. Dude, he SO rocks!! He's the Keith Richards of banjo ... 


December News - December 5, 2005 

Rachel will be in the studio recording her debut full-length CD with engineer, co-producer and two-time Grammy winner Garey Shelton (Danny Barnes) in December, January, and February. You'll be amazed when you see the list of backing musicians for the record! 

We'll be taking CD pre-orders shortly. 

Opening for nationally touring artist Cliff Eberhardt 
www.cliffeberhardt.com November 19th, 7:30pm 
Guild Hall 
Bainbridge Island, WA 

Tractor Tavern 
December 13th 
with The Shiftless Rounders 

For more details www.skinnydennis.com/calendar.html 


October News - October 25, 2005 

Rockrgrl Music Conference showcase: EMP, Seattle, Nov 11, 9:30pm. 

Also performing: Erin McKeown, Amy Rigby, Alice Stuart, Kim Virant, Rosie Flores, and more. 


August Update - August 16, 2005 

Second place winner of the 2005 Gig Harbor Folk Festival Songwriter's Competition. Performing on the main stage with Lucy Kaplansky, David Lindley, Cliff Eberhardt, Tracy Grammer, and David Wilcox. 



Opening for Steve Azar at the Triple Door in Seattle. Steve had a #2 hit on the country charts in 2001 and is making a return to his gritty, barebones roots - a show not to miss! www.steveazar.com 

NW Pickathon coming up on the 13th - this is the Northwest's premier Americana festival. Sharing the stage with The Be Good Tanyas, Jolie Holland, Po' Girl, Danny Barnes, Tracy Grammer, and many others! www.pickathon.com 


JULY NEWS - JULY 1, 2005 

Opening for Eliza Gilkyson www.elizagilkyson.com at the Tractor in Seattle on July 12, and then on August 2, opening there for The Believers www.thebelieversusa.com! 

(I'm just back from my first visit to the Kate Wolf Memorial Folk Festival. Spent the three-day weekend camping, listening to great music, and meeting some wonderful new folks. If you've never been, you should go next year - it was totally amazing! http://www.katewolf.com/festival/index.htm) 


MAY NEWS - MAY 4, 2005 

Opening for Jim Lauderdale www.jimlauderdale.com on May 19 at the Sunset in Ballard. 



Working on the new website . . . in progress. 

Halloween Leaves spent 13 weeks on the Americana chart (AMA) in the US in 2004!! 

And Rachel got a very favorable mention in the recent Rolling Stone (Germany) for her work on Markus Rill's newest CD. Check out the review page . . . 



Touring in Europe . . . 



Rachel's been booked on her first European tour ever. She'll be playing the prestigious Hillbilly Guesthouse festival in Neusuedende/Germany on October 23. In November she'll be playing select solo and duo dates, and in December she'll play a short tour of Germany culminating in a big country-rockin' New Year's eve bash on the island of Usedom. 



::august 2004::
Lots of new shows being added for both August and September before Rachel returns to Europe for the fall. She plans to be back in the great northwest in January. Stay tuned for details. Halloween Leaves is now available at Tower Records, at Sonic Boom Records, and at Easy Street Records! 

Much thanks to Chad Hinman for the invitation to play the Tractor. What a great time we all had!! And thanks to everyone who came out to see the show! 

::july 2004:: 
Rachel is currently in Europe. Several new shows have been scheduled in the northwest for late summer, including a performance at the legendary Tractor Tavern on Thursday, July 29 with fellow alt-country artists Chad Hinman and the Kitchen Syncopators . Hope to see you there! 

::june 2004:: 
Three great new reviews from Texas Troubadours, Rootstown, and Altcountry.nl. Thank you!! 

::march 2004:: 
Halloween Leaves is receiving airplay at radio stations in Belgium, Germany and the US. Special thanks to Ray Pieters, Gerd Stassen, and Dan Herman. 

Click here to vote for Rachel as often as once per day from February 27 through March 26 for Rachel to receive a "Gem of the Week" spotlight for new artists on Radio Crystal Blue! 

::february 2004:: 
Two outstanding reviews of Halloween Leaves on the media page from Ronald Vos at Ron's Alt Country and from Benny Metten at Ctrl.Alt.Country - Thank you both! Rachel provided backup vocals on a record released this month from Clay Bartlett called "Fixin' to Break Down." Read more about this upstart here. Rachel has been accepted as a Performing Member of the esteemed women's independent music collective Indiegrrl www.indiegrrl.com. 

::january 2004:: 
Rachel's short story, "Emptyroom," will be published in the Fall, 2004 issue of the Raven Chronicles, which will be available at independent book sellers in the northwest, or you can order it online at www.ravenchronicles.org 

::december 2003:: 
rachelharrington.net officially launches. 

::november 2003::
4 song demo completed. The self produced CD includes "My Morphine" by Gillian Welch, "Hickory Wind" by Gram Parsons, Rachel's own "Halloween Leaves" and Otis Redding classic "That's How Strong My Love Is."