1. Pretty Saro


When I came to this country in 1843, I saw many a fair lover but I never saw thee,
 There’s one thing that grieves me and tortures my mind That’s leaving my darling pretty saro behind
When I think of my saro, In dawn’s early light
she’ll always be crying as she was that poor night
When upon the banks she did call out for me
And I with my captain sailing far out to sea
Oh captain my captain, I’m a man overboard
But nothing can save me, No anchor could hold
As my heart does wrench me across waters so wide
And bade me return for, my saro, my bride
O I dreamed I was the tall grass with her long legs in the glade
I dreamed I was a soldier and her love a blade
I dreamed I was a purdy flower out in the dell
That she plucked with her fingers as she dreamed of me well