1. House Of Cards


I ain’t about to start preaching to the savedI ain’t about to count the many hands I’ve playedI ain’t about to be taken by a foolI ain’t about to start playing by no rules
Been along time comingHouse of cards coming down
I ain’t about to let the dealer play my handI ain’t about to let the banker hold my landI ain’t about to call a bet that I could stealI ain’t about to spoil a good drink with a meal 
Been a long time comingHouse of cards coming down 
Well Dutch said it would be easyBut we turned the river and I got played
He was a man of muscle was a man of meansWas a dead man walking with a fistful of queensI bet the farm I did not have to loseHe laid his hand down to bad news
Been a long time coming, House of cards coming down