1. You'll Do


You’ll do the laundry
I’ll mow the lawn
You’ll do that thing you do
All night long
You ain’t Mr. Right
But you ain’t wrong
Darlin, you’ll do
You’ll do the windows
I’ll trim the tree
You’ll do the dishes
And then you’ll do me
A frog with no curse
I’ve done worse
So, darlin, you’ll do
You’ll do for later, you’ll do for now
You’ll do in a pinch
the kind of pinch I need and how
Love will bloom
Like the rain follows the plow
Darlin, you’ll do
I’ve had my share
Of wishing for true love
I’ve made my prayers
To the lord a-bove
she said what you’re askin
no way, no how
(so) Darlin, you’ll do
Right here, right now
Is all that we ever knew
If you wanna contemplate the
Philosophical point of view
As for Einstein
One and one makes two
So, darlin, you’ll do