Fall 2023: songs and books

Hello friends,

It's been a little over a year since my only child died. I've thrown myself into feeling, grieving, re-becoming, and creating. Actually, I'm not sure how true that sentence is. It's more like I've been thrown into…


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My Mandolin

Sunday Sept 25 

Dear Sinead, 

My only child, my son, Mandolin Hooper, died a week ago today, on September 18th, 2022. He had been ill for a few weeks, though no one knew except his boss. He’d been at home…

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New Website

Pandemic anyone?

Been an age. My long-time web host went under when the pandemic hit, which was a convenient excuse for me to avoid the always curse-word-laden task of making a website. After a month of chipping away on it…

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Archived News Entries

2019 Album & Touring - March 7, 2019 

Hey there! 

Happy Townes Van Zandt's birthday, and thanks for stopping by. I'm at work finishing songs for my new album, Hush The Wild Horses. Now we just need to raise the…

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